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Size : 150mm / 6 inch
Accuracy : 0.1mm
Tolerance : 0.1mm+-

Free battery also will included.
Display : LCD , easy to read.
Can measure/display in MM / INCH format, can change with the button.
Auto power on function (push the ruler it will auto on).
Auto power off function (if not using in a long time).


No memory effect, Stable performance, small internal resistance.

Provides excellent continuous power sources to your device.

High energy density, long life battery.

With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable.

Good consistency, low self-discharge.

This battery has an extra-long life for all your battery powered devices.

Fit for #toys #remote #camera #flashlight #headlamp #mouse #keyboard and other electronic devices.


This music receiver is used in almost all of the audio receiver which can be used with input plug, including automotive devices. You can then hear the music received from your smartphone and MP3 to the speakers at home or in-car sound system. Enjoy the ultimate car music and call solutions. Using smart phones to make calls and listen to music through the car stereo. Touch the button of speakerphone, listen to music stored in the phone's music and even play Internet radio. The product with embedded echo canceling microphone, you can only use one button to easily switch between music and phone.


Pen-shaped structure, stainless steel probe, easy to carry. Wide range. It is suitable for refrigeration, heating, rubber and plastic processing and other fields.


Super fast reading speed

Long range detection