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Specification Material: Glass-fiber

Hole diameter: 1 mm +/- 5%

Holes distance: 2.54 mm

Thickness: 1.6 mm



Chip: T5577

IC manufacturer: Atmel

Operation: Can Read & Write/Rewrite. Can Copy

Blank Card

Frequency: 125 Khz

Sensing Distance: 1 - 10 Cm

Size : Thin Card

Material: PVC

Appearance: Thin Card, Plain Elegant look White

Size: 86mm x 54mm x 0.8mm

Suitable for all 125 Khz system device.

Community Protocol: ISO 11784/11785


NOTE: This card suitable for read & Write. Can Copy


A popular choice for construction or repair.

Perfect for Arduino & electronic project.

Jumpers are made from 26 AWG wires.

Compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin header.

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#USB #2.0 #Extender Suitable for:




#High Quallity


Male / Female DC Connector 5.5*2.1mm Power Jack Adapter Plug for 3528/5050/5730/5630/3014 Single Color Led Strip light CCTV Camera



Simply & Professional appearance for power cabling

Easier for camera and LED light strip installation, save time and more securer cable connection

No electrical tap, No splicing, no crimping, but only a small screw driver

5.5mm x 2.1mm Male connectore power plug connector


Package Includes: 1*Male / Female 2.1X5.5Mm Dc Power Plug Jack Adapter Connector


#Male #Dc #Power #Plug #Jack #Adapter #Connector



Controls the speed of a DC motor with this controller.

High efficiency, high torque and low heat generation.

With reverse polarity protection, high current protection.

Fine workmanship and good performance.

Stable and reliable.

Easy to use.

Long service life.



Brand new

Material: plastic, metal

Size: approx. 73*60*27mm

Operating Voltage: DC 40V 12V DC

Input voltage: DC9-50V

Control Power consumption: 0.01 400W

Static current: 0.02 A (Standby)

PWM Sampling rate: 0% -100%

PWM Frequency: 3 kHz


Package included: 1 x DC Motor Speed Controller


#12V~40V #10A #PWM #DC #Motor #Speed #Control #Switch #Controller #Volt #Regulator #Dimmer



Battery Holder Type: for 18650

Battery Connection: Series

Connection Type: With Wire / Hard Pin type / Soft pin type / DC plug)

Slot: 1 / 2 / 3 /4 slot

Voltage output: 3.7V (1 Slot), 7.4V (2 Slot), 11.1V (3 Slot), 14.8V (4 Slot)

Package Include: 1pcs 18650 battery case holder (without retail package)


**NOTE: The HARD PIN type may not fit into the breadboard holes and PCB Donut Board. For PCB Donut board you may need to drill the board to make the hole bigger.

For with HARD PIN type, there will have ( + , - ) indications. For the Soft pin has smaller pin size and can fit breadboard holes and PCB Donut board.


#18650 #BatteryHolder #DIY #PCB #Holder 


Pen-shaped structure, stainless steel probe, easy to carry. Wide range. It is suitable for refrigeration, heating, rubber and plastic processing and other fields.




Name:Temperature Controller

1.Temperature measurement, display; refrigeration, heating control

2.Temperature setting upper and lower limits

3.Simple operation, suitable for seafood machines.

4.Easy to install

5.Measurement range: 50 Celsius ~ 110 Celsius

6.Control range: 50 Celsius ~ 110 Celsius

7.Measuring accuracy: plus or minus 0.2  Celsius

8.Control precision: plus or minus 0.1  Celsius

9.Measuring input: NTC10K L= 1 m waterproof probe

10.Power: 1500W

11.Input voltagr:220V

12.Current:Max 10A


#XH-W3001 #Digital #LED #Temperature #Controller #Thermostat #Control #Switch


Rated Load: AC 250V 3.0A  or AC 125V 6.0A

Contact Resistance: <= 0.05 Ohm

Insulation Resistance: >= 100 MOhm (min)

Withstand Voltage: AC 1500V 50Hz 1min


Feature :

-Wide Application: Rfid card reader writer be used range at home, school, office,factory and other access control needed places.

-Simple Operating:press the button "Read" for existing RFID card; then press "Write" to program your rfid card. built-in buzzer and led powered by AAA battery (not included)

-Good Performance :Built in antenna of the receiver, high sensitivity,reading distance range 0 to 6cm, work completely

-Standalone, without using PC laptops, easy and convenient for daily use

-Handheld Portable: Rfid id card reader writer with 5pcs 125khz rfid T5577 or 5pcs writable EM4035 fob keys,portable size, easy to carry out in your bag

Notes:HID Mode can’t be copied ,such as 125HZK PROX II ,125HZK PROX III, HIXD ICLASS ,all these can’t be copied .Also the encrypted Card can’t be reader,so that you should reference the device module before purchase.

This 125khz rfid reader writer is used to clone 125Khz RFID card. It can copy and duplicate the 125Khz EM4035/EM4100 / EM410X/ TK4100/EM4200/ T5577/ T5576card /tag ID for backup purpose.



Brand new and high quality.  

It can measure current and voltage of the power supply equipment with USB port.

Plug and play, no extra power supply needed.

The voltage and current will be displayed circularly.

Small sized, easy and convenient to carry.



Workable range: 3.5 - 7.0V, 0 - 3A.

Resolution: voltage 10mV, current 10mA .

Error range: voltage <±1%, current <±2%.

Full-scale voltage drop:200mV.

Workable temperature: 0 - 60 Degrees Celsius


Package included: 1 x USB Current And Voltage Tester


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Prototyping and Testing. 

It is used to connect an electrical cable to a battery or some other component.

Color coded leads allow you to test circuits without crossing wires or causing shorts.

Can be used as low voltage jumper leads.


#Crocodile Clips  #Alligator Clip # Battery Clips #Medium Alligator Clips #Crocodile #Clip #Wire #Cable


Description for Intelligent Universal 18650 Battery Charger:

Smart Speedy Battery Charger with USB Port for 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery.

The product has four independent charging channels, it can charge four lithium batteries at the same time.

The charger will display the status of each rechargeable battery when charging.

Automatically detects battery power status and displays charging progress, and automatically stops charging when complete.

You can charge various 3.7V battery 26650, 22650, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340, 14500, 10440.

Don't support to charger Alkaline battery.


Safe Charging

1.Overcharge Protection: It will stop charging automatically when charging completed.

2.Over temperature protection: Features temperature monitoring to prevent overheating.

3.Short-circuit protection.

4.Made from durable ABS (fire proofing/flame resistant).



1. Input: DC 5V 1-2A

2. Output Voltage: DC 4.2V

3. Output Current: 1000mA

4. Product Size: 90*30*122mm

Package includes:1pcs x USB Universal Charger


#Universal #18650 #14500 #26650 #Battery #Charger


Soldering Iron 220V 60W Electric Soldering Iron Solder/Pemanas Timah/Penebuk Plastik


Product Description:

- Fitted the best matched tip shape in wattage wise as standard

- The most suitable for beginner use

- Light duty model

- 60 W ,220V

- Package Included : 1* 60W220V Soldering Iron

*Sesuai untuk mencairkan timah dan lain lain pelbagai guna


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