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*Automatic white balance;automatic color compensated.full hd 1080P/720p/480p resolution,built-in microphone webcam.usb 2.0 plug & play without install any drive;no external power supply needed.the computer would automatically install the driver in the win10 and lower level system after inserting this webcam,you can directly use the video chat software features and then can see the picturewidely used for skype, msn, and yahoo video messenger,video conference,web chat.

*Good compatibility,if you ofter use web chats,this yoluke webcam is a great choices for you,this webcam works with windows xp/7/8/10,mac osx,linux, chrome os,ubuntu and android 4.0 or higher operating systems,supports pcs,zoom,laptops with usb ports,laptop,desktop,android tv,and skype,yahoo! @messenger, msn,windows live @ messenger, gmail, android iptv,wechat,qq and other instant messaging applications are compatible.

*Built-in stereo microphone,this video webcam built-in noise reduction microphone,yoluke hd webcam can automatically eliminate background noise and pick up audio sound within 5 meters, and achieve studio-quality fantastic sound,you don't need an external microphone/headset at all,and it is easy to set up and streams without any blur or jerking.it is the best choice for regularly video conferencing.

*As everyone is working from home,this webcam can meet many needs working at home,if you are using it at your desk the picture quality is great.with full hd 1080p 30fps recording-streaming media and record vivid,high-resolution video,providing incredible decent picture and mic quality in clear visuals,clear and concise audio,fast transmission,high quality,simultaneous and light correction,glass lens and full hd function,means that your recorded video is clear,vivid and colorful.

*Smooth livestream: advanced compression technology enables fast uploads and streaming on social media and gaming such as skype,twitch,youtube, facebook.perfect for streaming,video conferencing,video chatting,gaming,online classes and more.


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1. Made of high quality electronic component, durable to use.

2. Designed with switch, you can choose the output 9v or 12v through it, and the LED display would tell the output voltage value.

3. Can be used to power the router via power bank if power down.

4. You can still enjoy the WIFI during power cuts.

5. It can also be applied to other device which is 5v power supply, such as small fan, desk lamp, solar panel, USB power pack, power adapter etc.



Condition: 100% Brand New

Model: KWS-912V

Input Voltage: 5V

Output Voltage: 9V/12V

Output Current: 1A(9V)


Weight: Approx. 35g / 1.2oz

Cable Length: Approx. 0.8m / 2.6ft  

Package List: 1 * USB Step-up Converter Cable


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Product Name:Temperature Microcomputer Thermostat Switch

Material: Plastic

Color: As the pictures shown

Model: XH-W3002

100% brand new and high quality ​


Item specifics:

Power Type: Charger

Style: Wall Hanging

Theory: Temperature Controller

Display Type: Digital

Usage: Industrial

Model Number: W3002

Voltage: DC12/24V | AC110-220V

Thermostat temperature range: -50°C ~ 110°C

Precision: 0.1°C

Temperature calibration

Delay start

Size: L*W*H 60mm*45mm*31mm

Cable Length of Temperature Sensor: 97mm

Display Size: 1.9 Inches & Under

Package Included: 1PC XH-W3002 DC12/24V AC220V Microcomputer temperature controller + Probe


#Temprerature #Temp #Controller #Control #Thermostat #Sensor #Digital #Switch #XH-W3002 #Probe #Measuring #Levelling #Home #Living #Tool




Name:Temperature Controller

1.Temperature measurement, display; refrigeration, heating control

2.Temperature setting upper and lower limits

3.Simple operation, suitable for seafood machines.

4.Easy to install

5.Measurement range: 50 Celsius ~ 110 Celsius

6.Control range: 50 Celsius ~ 110 Celsius

7.Measuring accuracy: plus or minus 0.2  Celsius

8.Control precision: plus or minus 0.1  Celsius

9.Measuring input: NTC10K L= 1 m waterproof probe

10.Power: 1500W

11.Input voltagr:220V

12.Current:Max 10A


#XH-W3001 #Digital #LED #Temperature #Controller #Thermostat #Control #Switch



1. A simple mechanical structure, very convenient to install.

2. By four deceleration DC motor turning flexible, good direction. The four-drive horsepower chronological. The Arduino robot 4WD smart car chassis large stability is very easy to extend.

3. Arduino robot 4WD smart car chassis Kits comes velocimetry code disc with OUR guns photoelectric quickly formed a tachometer system. Velocimetry, ranging form a closed-loop system.

4. Arduino robot 4WD smart car chassis Kits can equipped L298P four motor drive module, four tracking module, as well as the 51 seamless connection of the control unit, left red obstacle avoidance expansion hole.

5. The composition of the system is simple and nice


Package included: 1* 4WD 2 Layer Smart Car Robot Chassis Kit Base Set Arduino

#4WD #smart #car #robot #chassis #arduino





Control the speed of a AC motor with this controllerHigh temperature resistant FR - 4 circuit board

Fine workmanship and stable performance.

Durable in use.

Used in electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, electric iron etc.

Suitable for AC brush motor.


#4000W #AC #220V #SCR #Voltage #Adjustable #Regulator #Motor #Speed #Control #Dimmer


Saft LS14250 3.6V 1/2AA PLC ER14250 14250 Lithium Battery 1200mAH



Name: SAFT

Origin: France

Model specifications: LS14250

Nominal voltage: 3.6V

Nominal capacity: 1.2Ah

Dimensions (mm): Maximum diameter 14.55 × Maximum height 25.15

Recommended maximum continuous discharge current: 35mA

Storage temperature: up to 30 degrees Celsius

Working temperature: -60~+85 degrees Celsius


Product advantages:

High density, high capacity, low self-discharge rate, wide temperature range and good durability.

Scope of application: CNC machine tools, servos, programmers, PLC, CNC, injection molding machines, printing machines, touch screens, electricity meters, water meters, real-time clocks, backup memory power supplies, various measuring instruments, special electronic equipment

Product Included: 1 x Saft LS14250 1/ 2AA 3.6V PLC Industrial Lithium Battery


#saft #er14250 #battery #lithium


Package Included :

1pcs * Standard Size Fuse Motorcycle Car Lorry Vehicle 2A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/20A/25A/30A/35A


1pcs * Mini Size Fuse Motorcycle Car Lorry Vehicle 2A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/20A/25A/30A/35A


Price for 1pc / Harga utk 1pc


#Mini #Fuse #Standard #Fuse #Fius #Motosikal #Kereta #Lori #Fuse #Motorcycle #Car #Lorry #Vehicle #2A #5A #7.5A #10A #15A #20A #25A #30A #35A



100% brand new and high quality!

Military-grade double-layer circuit board design.

Comes with a heat sink.

Two-way high-power thyristor with a limit current of up to 100 amps.

Such as electric furnace, water heater heating, lighting dimming, small motor speed, electric iron temperature adjustment.

General household appliances or small factories are enough.



Color: as shown

Use voltage: AC 220V

Maximum power: 10000W Resistive load limit power, room temperature is recommended for 5000W for a long time

Voltage regulation: 0-220v starts at around 20

Size(approx): 130*60*47mm


1 pc x Voltage Regulator


#Voltage #Regulator #AC #220V #10000W #SCR #Motor #Speed #Home #Electronic #Parts #High #Power #Controller #Heat #Sink


DC 5V-120V Digital Voltmeter Panel Gauge 2 Wires 0.56 inch LED Mini Voltage Meter Table Red Green Blue Display



This voltmeter is suitable for almost all electric vehicles with high precision and stability.

High precision

Reverse protection and then flameproof.


Technical Parameters:

Measuring range: red DC5-120.0V, green DC5-120.0V, blue DC5-120.0V

Power range: no additional power supply required, directly using the measured voltage as a power supply

Maximum input: DC132V.

Tolerance: ±1%

Input impedance: > 100K Europe

Operating current red <23mA, green <18mA, blue <13mA

Refresh rate: about 300mS once

Display: three 0.56 inch LED digital tube

Display color: red, green, blue

Lead length: 20cm

Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 22 mm (length X width x thickness)

Hole size: 46 x 27 mm

Net weight: 18g

Gross weight: 25g

Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 65 ° C

Note: Input voltages above 132V may be permanently damaged!


Package Include : 1pc * Digital Voltmeter


#DC #5V #120V #Digital #Voltmeter #Panel #Gauge #2 #Wires #0.56 #inch #LED #Mini #Voltage #Meter #Table #Red #Green #Blue #Display


Feature :

-Wide Application: Rfid card reader writer be used range at home, school, office,factory and other access control needed places.

-Simple Operating:press the button "Read" for existing RFID card; then press "Write" to program your rfid card. built-in buzzer and led powered by AAA battery (not included)

-Good Performance :Built in antenna of the receiver, high sensitivity,reading distance range 0 to 6cm, work completely

-Standalone, without using PC laptops, easy and convenient for daily use

-Handheld Portable: Rfid id card reader writer with 5pcs 125khz rfid T5577 or 5pcs writable EM4035 fob keys,portable size, easy to carry out in your bag

Notes:HID Mode can’t be copied ,such as 125HZK PROX II ,125HZK PROX III, HIXD ICLASS ,all these can’t be copied .Also the encrypted Card can’t be reader,so that you should reference the device module before purchase.

This 125khz rfid reader writer is used to clone 125Khz RFID card. It can copy and duplicate the 125Khz EM4035/EM4100 / EM410X/ TK4100/EM4200/ T5577/ T5576card /tag ID for backup purpose.



Chip: T5577

IC manufacturer: Atmel

Operation: Can Read & Write/Rewrite. Can Copy

Blank Card

Frequency: 125 Khz

Sensing Distance: 1 - 10 Cm

Size : Thin Card

Material: PVC

Appearance: Thin Card, Plain Elegant look White

Size: 86mm x 54mm x 0.8mm

Suitable for all 125 Khz system device.

Community Protocol: ISO 11784/11785


NOTE: This card suitable for read & Write. Can Copy


Mini handheld hot air gun, elegant, comfortable, power of 300 watts.

Highest temperature can reach 200 degrees.

Ergonomic design with on/off switch and vents.

Adjustable wires stand for keeping gun stable and upright.

Keep 5-6cm distance between the gun and your work, heat your work at about 45°until completed.

Great DIY accessories for heating shrinkable film, mud toys, rubber stamp, convex powder, etc.

Product Dimension: 22.5cm(L) x 4.7cm (W)+-

Local Supplier Warranty: 3 month for manufacturing defects only

What is in the box:1 x 300W 220V AC Hot Air Gun

Specifications: Input Voltage:AC 220V

Power Wattage:300W

Working Temperature:200℃


• DC #5V2A / #6V2A / #9V1A / #9V2A / #12V1A / #12V2A / #12V3A / #15V1A/ #15V2A Adapter Power Supply

• Input: AC 100-240V50/60Hz

• Cable length: about 90cm

• Output adaptor: 5.5mm x 2.1mm~2.5mm

• Plug Type: UK 3-Pin

• LED light Indicator

• Colour: Black Features:

• Compact size

• High Reliability

• Light weight

• Professional DC112V1A / 12V2A / 12V3A / 9V1A / 9V2A / 5V2A /6V2A switching power supply adapter

• High quality materials for durable usage

• Over voltage protection, over load protection, and short circuit protection

• Perfect power supply for external hard drive, wireless router, CCTV camera, TV box, and etc.

• Perfect power supply adapter for LED strip light, stage lighting, portable external hard drive, wireless router, CCTV surveillance camera, ADSL modem, mini TV, mobile DVD, TV box, audio and video equipments, charging equipment, MP3/MP4, small table lamp, game console, telephone, lantern, cameras, surveillance equipment, controllers, and other home / portable devices.


Power Rating : 500W

For Low power device such as #Printer, CPU ( #Computer ), #Monitor etc

Power Rating : 2500W

For High power device such as Rice #Cooker, Electric #Kettle, #Oven, #Toster etc

Check your electrical appliance power before purhase.

If you use #500W cable on Rice cooker the cable will over heat and melt and may cause fire.

So for high power appliances, please choose 2500W option. 

You can also use 2500W option on low power appliances.

So read and know your electrical appliance before purchase TQ!.