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The power inverter is ultra compact and portable and represents the new trend of high frequency converters. Whether it is connected with the cars or other 12V power supply, it can provide safe and reliable AC voltage for electrical appliances such as TV, DVD machines, etc. It comes with a variety of protection functions, protecting your converter, battery and electrical appliances effectively in overload state.



100% Brand New and High quality

Can be used with laptops, mobile phones, cameras, car TVs, DVD players etc.

Small and light, easy to carry

Built-in fuse, safe and reliable

Offers you overload, short circuit and overheated protection

High efficiency converting and quick start



Shell Material: Aluminium Alloy

DC Input Voltage:12V/24V

AC Output Voltage:220V

Power Rating:150W

AC Output Frequency: 50Hz

USB Output: DC 5V

Low Voltage Protection: 9.5V-10.5V/19.5V-20.5V

Overvoltage Protection: 14.5V-15.5V/29.5V-30.5V

Environment Temperature: -5-50

Connection: Cigarette Lighter

Net Weight: 330g

Size: 82.4*89*47mm(L*W*H)

Package Includes: 1* Car Power Inverter


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Specification :

Wire Type : Single Core

Total Quantity : 140pcs +-5pcs

Wire length , 2,5,7,10,12,15,17,20,22,25,50,75,100,125 mm (Each 10pcs)

Colour : Yellow,Orange,Blue,Green,Red,Grey,White

Casing : Tranparent Box

Weight : 50g+- 3g

Size : 167mm* 60mm*15mm

Suitable for all Breadboard and Donut Board.

Package Included : 1* 140pcs Single Core Breadboard Male MM Jumper Dupont Wire Kit


#140pcs #Single #Core #Breadboard #Male #MM #Jumper #Dupont #Wire #Kit



OLED 1.3 inch is a monochrome graphic display module with a built-in 1.3 inch, 128X64 high-resolution display. OLED 1.3 inch is able to work despite the absence of backlight. In a dark environment, contrast of OLED display is higher than LCD display. This device is I^2C or SPI compatible. Due to its capability in displaying, it is often used in various application for instances, smart watch, MP3, function cellphone, portable health device and many others.



-Working Voltage: 3.3V (suggested)

-Compatible Interfaces: I^2C or SPI

-Low power consumption, 0.06W when working normally

-Working temperature: -30ᵒC to 70ᵒC


Package Include: 1* OLED Display 12864 LCD Module


#OLED #Display #12864 #LCD #Module


Product parameters:

Voltage tolerance: ±1%

Eight sections of electricity: 10% 25% 40% 50% 60% 75% 90%

full Working current: 5-15mA

Refresh rate: about 300mS once

Display mode: three digit 0.56" LED digital tube

Display color: blue

Refresh speed: about 300mS/time

Measurement accuracy: 1% (2 characters)

Working humidity: 10-80% (no condensation)

Lead length: 15cm

Dimensions: 48mm*29mm*22mm

Hole size: 46×27mm

Working temperature: -10℃-65℃


feature of product:

1. Double display power + voltage at a glance. The display is more intuitive. Upstream 8-color bar displays battery power and downstream voltage Meter (display battery voltage) The decimal point automatic displacement accuracy of the voltmeter is higher.

2. Wider range of use, 18650 lithium battery polymer lithium battery pack, lead-acid battery, electric vehicle battery, nickel metal hydride battery and other types of electric equipment can be used.


This electricity meter is suitable for 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V battery cars.

It can also measure lithium batteries, polymer batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries. Can also be used for other power/electricity Pressure measurement use.

Not suitable for: Large trucks, cranes, forklifts and other high-power and high-load vehicles!


Feature of product:

1. Dual display power + voltage, the display is more intuitive. Upstream 8 grid color bars display (2 red 6 green) Pool power. Downstream voltmeter (display battery voltage), the decimal point of the voltmeter is automatically shifted Degree is higher.

2. Wide range of use, lithium battery packs, lead-acid batteries, car batteries, electric vehicle batteries, etc. All types of batteries and electric equipment can be used. Existing voltage calculation and electric vehicle power display The table principle is the same.

3. The meter automatically recognizes the voltage and power, and the reverse connection protection function (reverse connection will not burn out).


#Electric #Vehicle #Battery #Power #Display #Lithium #Voltage


Description :

The 4 Way relay can trigger high voltage, high current load such as Motor, Lamps , AC load.

It can control by microcontroller such as PIC, Arduino , Rasperry Pi , NodeMCU and more.

The Relay board inside build in 4 units of Opto-Isolator IC 817C.


Specification :

- Digital 5V Output controllable.

- 10A Maximum Current

- Maximum Voltage : 250v AC / 30v DC



Opto-Isolator IC 817C: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opto-isolator


Package Include: 1* 4 Channel Ways Opto Isolator Relay Module


#Relay #Module



100% brand new and high quality.


Wire Color: Black, Red (As pictures)

Sharp contact end Compatible with universal multimeters

Maximum current: 10A

Test voltage range: 1000V

Max Cable length : 70cm approx Suit for testing IC components

Package includes: 1pair × Universal 10A Probe Test Leads


#Universal #Probe #Test #Leads #Pin #For #Digital #Multimeter #Meter #Needle #Probe #Wire #Pen #Cable #10A

  • High Quality: Tested under Strict Quality Control Standards. CE and ROHS Certified. Grade A cells 23A Ensure Longer Battery Life and Long Lasting Power
  • Get the Exact Fresh 23A Battery, Have Full 12 Volts Charge
  • Primarily Used in Garage Door Openers Remote Controls, Doorbells , Car Alarms Remote Controls , Burglar Alarms Remote Controls, Lighters , Keyless Entry Access Control Devices , Toys , and other Electronic Devices
  • If your Device Uses any of the Following Batteries, This is What You are Looking for : A23 12V Duracel MN21 , GP23AE , 21/23 , A23S, 23A , 23AE , V23GA , MN21B2PK , A23bpz , MN21 , GP23A ,LRV08 , L1028 , RVO8 , MS21 , E23A , K23A , 8LR932 , 8LR23 , VR22 , 8F10R , EL12 , 23GA

Male / Female DC Connector 5.5*2.1mm Power Jack Adapter Plug for 3528/5050/5730/5630/3014 Single Color Led Strip light CCTV Camera



Simply & Professional appearance for power cabling

Easier for camera and LED light strip installation, save time and more securer cable connection

No electrical tap, No splicing, no crimping, but only a small screw driver

5.5mm x 2.1mm Male connectore power plug connector


Package Includes: 1*Male / Female 2.1X5.5Mm Dc Power Plug Jack Adapter Connector


#Male #Dc #Power #Plug #Jack #Adapter #Connector



Straight Pin Header (Male)

Single row

40 pin

Pin Pitch :2.54 mm

Length: 12mm


Package includes: 1x Straight Pin Header Single Row 40 ways (Male) - 2.54mm Pitch


#Straight #Header #40 #Connector #Male #Pin 



Package Includes: 1x Straight Female Header Single Row 24 ways - 2.54mm Pitch

Overview: Common use 1x20way straight female header


- Type: Female single row straight

- Pitch: 2.54mm

- Pin number: 1x24 pin 


#Straight #Header #Female #24 #pin



Rated Load: DC12V 0.1A

Contact Resistance: ≤ 0.03Ω

Withstand Voltage: AC250 V (50Hz) /min

Actuation Force: 1.3+-0.5N

Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ

Dimension: 6 x 6 x 5 mm

​Package includes: - 1 x 4-Pin Tactile Push Button Tact Switch (6x6x5mm)


#button #pushbutton #Tactile #Tactilebutton



100% brand new!

Color: Black

Rating: 2A 125VAC

Operating Temperature: -25 Celsius to +65 Celsius

Contact Resistance: less than equal 30MOhm

Insulation Resistance: greater than equal 100MW

Withstand Voltage: AC 300V/min

Life: greater than equal 10000

Dimensions: 12.6 x 5.7 x 6.5mm

Pitch: 6.5mm

SPDT contacts

PCB solder terminals

Quantity: 1pcs

Package included: 1 * Mini-Switch


#Micro #Switch #KW11-3Z-2 #Contact #Switch



65pcs Male to Male Jumper Wire cable kit for Solderless Breadboard Arduin.

Including 49 pcs 105mm (4.1") & 8 pcs 140mm (5.5") & 4 pcs 185mm (7.3") & 4 pcs 225mm (8.9") long cable.

Can be used for PCB project, PC motherboard, etc. Can be used to jumper between any female headers or between two points on the breadboard.

Best for electronic DIY project.

100% brand new and high quality.

High quality 65 piece breadboard jumper kit

Flexible, durable, reusable, easy to trace

Easy to connect and disconnect



Type: Breadboard Jumper Cable

Color: Multicolored

Material: Plastic, Electronic Part

Size: 11cm-24cm

Quantity: 65pcs

Package Included:  1*65pcs Root Breadboard Cables


#breadboardjumperwire #breadboardjumpers #breadboardjumpercable #breadboardjumperwirekit #breadboardwirekit


4MM Banana Plug to Crocodile Clip Test Total Length of 1M 2 Channels



100% Brand new and high quality

Alligator Clips are Fully insulated and easily put in probe tips

The probe tips are hardened to ensure resistance to blunting through constant use

Electrical test leads suitable for use with multimeters, power supplies and other electronic equipment

4mm Banana plug

small size Alligator: 28mm



Color: Red + Black

Cable length: about 1m

Net weight: 15g

Packing Content: 1 Set = 1pcs black+1pcs red


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Banana Plug 4mm Red / Black


Application:Audio & Video


Model Number:4MM Banana Plug



100% Brand new and high quality

Length 40mm

Insulation: ABS

Suitable for wire to 4 mm maximum

Banana Plug diameter : 4 mm

Package Included : 1 * red/black banana plug lantern head

#bananaplug # lanternhead #plug #testplug #lanternplug