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MT3608 DC-DC Step Up Converter Booster Power Supply Module Boost Step-up Board MAX output 28V 2A

1.Electrical characteristics

1). The maximum output current: 2 a

2). The input voltage: 2 v ~ 24 v

3). The maximum output voltage: 28 v

4). Efficiency: >93%


2.Mechanical properties

1). Product size: 36 mm * 17 mm * 14 mm


3.Method of use

1). The module of the IN+ and - after 2~24v, IN adjusting the potentiometer can adjust output voltage, output voltage is greater than the input voltage


4.Matters needing attention

1). The input voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage

2). The peak current output current is no more than TV university


Package Included: 1 x MT3608 DC-DC Step Up Power Apply Module Booster Power Module MAX output 28V


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1. LCD screen

2. Dimensions 48 * 28.6 * 15.2mm (the measurement has a little error)

3. LCD size: 35.7 * 16.8mm (the measurement has a little error)

4. Weight: 25 grams (without battery)

5 Humidity display

6. Humidity measurement range from 10% to 99%

7. Humidity display resolution 1%

8. Humidity sampling period 10 seconds (1 minute)

9. Humidity measurement accuracy +/- 5%

10. DC1.5v nominal voltage (2 AG13 button batteries)

11.Temperature measurement range: 50 to 70

12.Temperature measurement accuracy +/- 1 degree (at normal temperature)

Color: Black

Material: plastic

2 Installation battery

Flip to the back of the product;

Push the battery cover in the direction indicated by the arrow;

Place two LR44 button cell batteries in the battery compartment

3. Installation and operation

1 installation

Package Content: 1 * Electronic Thermometer

Only the contents of the above package, other items are not included.

Note: Light in photography and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture to be a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.


#FY-11 #LCD #Digital #Environment #DIY #Thermometer #Integrated #Hygrometer #Temperature #Humidity #Meter



100% brand new and high quality.

Can select cooling or heating working mode.

Set highest/ lowest upper limit temp to avoid accident.

Automatically start cooling or heating for constant temperature.

Temperature calibration, you can calibrate temp according to requirement.

High temp alarm, when measure temp reach to the setting temp, controller will alarm.



Temperature range: -55~120°C

Control temperature accuracy: 0.1°C

Power supply voltage: AC110V-220V / DC12V / DC24V

Data Save: Yes

Relay: 10A/20A

Dimensions: 79*43*26 MM

Hole size: 74*39 MM


Package: 1 x Digital Thermostat Temperature Alarm Controller Sensor


#Temprerature #Temp #Controller #Control #Thermostat #Sensor #Digital #Switch #W3230 #Probe #Measuring #Levelling #Home #Living #Tool


650nm Laser sensor Module 6mm 5V 5mW Red Laser Dot Diode Copper Head KY-008


This 5V laser head is very easy to use, you can use Arduino control, make controllable laser pointer, theft detection, etc. interesting application devices.

As long as the laser can not point to itself or other eyes, even if the box is closed, the laser will have to open the possibility of error.

The laser is not a toy, does not give children, mental shortage, for people who do not know the use of laser characteristics, in this case, it can easily lead to injury.

The use of lasers must wear special glasses, for the invisible laser, this point is especially important.

The laser cannot shine on vehicles, airplanes and other transportation vehicles.

Condition: New Operating

Voltage :5V

Output wavelength 650 nm 3 pins module

With fixed bolt hole for easy installation

Color: show as pictures


1 – GND

2 – 5V

3 – S (Control: HIGH = Laser on);


Package Included: 1* KY-008 Laser Sensor Module


#KY-008 #Laser #Sensor #Module



DHT22 output calibrated digital signal.

Utilizes exclusive digital-signal-collecting-technique and humidity sensing technology, assuring its reliability and stability.

Sensing elements is connected with 8-bit single-chip computer. 

Every sensor of this model is temperature compensated and calibrated in accurate calibration chamber and the calibration-coefficient is saved in type of programme in OTP memory, when the sensor is detecting, it will cite coefficient from memory.

Small size & low consumption & long transmission distance(20m) enable DHT22 to be suited in all kinds of harsh application occasions.

Single-row packaged with four pins, making the connection very convenient



Low cost

3 to 5V power and I/O 2.5mA max current use during conversion (while requesting data)

Good for 0-100% humidity readings with 2-5% accuracy

Good for -40 to 80°C temperature readings ±0.5°C accuracy

No more than 0.5 Hz sampling rate (once every 2 seconds)

Body size 15.1mm x 25mm x 7.7mm

4 pins with 0.1" spacing

Package Includes: 1* DHT22


#dht #dht22 #humiditymodule #temperaturesensor


PCA9685 16 Channel 12-bit PWM Servo Driver-I2C Interface Module for Raspberry Pi Shield Module for DIY Kit


1. This is a I2C communication, built-in PWM driver and a clock. This means that this will be very different from the TLC5940 series.

2. You don't need to constantly send signals to occupy your MCU.

3. It's 5V compatible, which means you can also use a 3.3V microcontroller to control and drive safely to 6V output (when you want to control white or blue lights with 3.4 + positive voltage is also possible) 6 address selection pins allow you to hang 62 drive boards on a single I2C bus, with a total of 992 PWM outputs.

4. That will be a huge resource. About 1.6Khz can be FM PWM output for stepper motor output 12 bit resolution.

5. This means that the update rate at 60Hz can reach 4us resolution with configurable push-pull or open-circuit output enabling pins to be quickly disabled.



Frequency: 40-1000Hz.

Channel number: 16 channel.

Resolution: 12 bit.

Voltage: DC 5-10V

Size: 60*25mm

Color: blue

Package Included: 1 x PCA9685 16 Channel 12-bit PWM Servo motor Driver I2C Module For Arduino Robot


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The GY-BMP280 Barometer Sensor is a breakout board for Bosch BMP280 high-precision and low-power digital barometer.

Used to measure temperature and atmospheric pressure accurately.

Connected to a microcontroller with I2C.

Measure approximate altitude of a place.



Smaller footprint, lower power consumption, lower noise measurements, lower RMS noise.

Higher resolutions for pressure and temperature, higher measuring rate.

Easy-to-use Crowtail Compatible Interface.

Can be used as an altimeter with accuracy of ±1 meter.



Supply Voltage: 3.3V

Current Consumption: 0.6 mA

Barometric Pressure Measure Range: 300 – 1100 hPa Accuracy: ±1.0 hPa

Temperature Measurement Range: -40 to 85

Accuracy: ±1

Interface: I2C

Crowtail Port: I2C

Dimensions: 11.5mm x 15mm

Package list 1* GY-BMP280-3.3 + Header pin


#bmp290 #gybmp280 #atmosphericmodule #pressuresensor



Features metal material, silver tone, 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC socket power plug Audio Connector.

Made of duarable metal material, it is a good replacement for old and damaged ones.

Metal Material : Metal

Operating temperature range : -30-70 ° C

Rated load: DC 30V 5A 

Contact resistance :≤0.03Ω

Insulation resistance :≥100MΩ

Withstand voltage : AC 500V (50Hz) / min 

Insertion and extraction force :3-20N


Package Included: 1 * DC099 Power Jack Socket Female Panel Mount


#DC099 #Power #Jack #Socket #Female #Panel #Mount



The DS18B20 is a 1-wire programmable Temperature sensor from maxim integrated.

It is widely used to measure temperature in hard environments like in chemical solutions, mines or soil etc.

The constriction of the sensor is rugged and also can be purchased with a waterproof option making the mounting process easy.

It can measure a wide range of temperature from -55°C to +125° with a decent accuracy of ±5°C.

Each sensor has a unique address and requires only one pin of the MCU to transfer data so it a very good choice for measuring temperature at multiple points without compromising much of your digital pins on the micro controller.


#DS18B20 #temperature #waterproof




1. the main chip: ISD1820

2. size: 38mm * 42.5mm

3. the working voltage: DC 3 ~ 5V

4. the main features

(1) easy to use 10 seconds of voice recording

(2) high-quality, natural voice restored

(3) can be used as propaganda module

(4) with looping, jog playback, single-pass play function

(5) available single-chip control

(6) this module can directly drive a small speaker 8 ohm 0.5W


User Manual:


Quick Start Tutorial:


Package Include: 1*Arduino Voice Record Sound Module ISD1820 with speaker

#ISD1920 #recording #voice #Speaker #Component



Arduino robot Kit, rain, rain sensors, monitoring can be used in various weather conditions, and go into several signal and the AO output. Sensor using high quality material on both sides, oversized 5.0*4.0CM, with nickel plated surface against oxidation, electrical conductivity, and life more superior performance.

Comparator output signal clean wave good driving ability, than 15mA;

Power adjust sensitivity;

Rated voltage and 3.3V-5V Output: digital switching output (0 and 1) and AO analog voltage output;

With fixing bolt holes for easy installation

Small Board PCB dimensions: 3.2cm x 1.4cm Using wide LM393 voltage comparator



Connected to 5V power supply, power light is on, when there is no water droplets on the induction plate, DO output is high, the switch light is off, and drops on a drop of water, DO for low-level output, switch light is on.

Brush away water drops, but it returned to output high level State.

AO analog outputs, to connect to SCM AD size detection of rainfall over it.

DO TTL digital output can be connected to microcontroller detects rain.


Connection mode:

VCC: supply cathode (3-5V)

GND: connect to power negative

DO:TTL switch signal output

AO: analog signal output


Package includes: 1x Rain Sensor Module + 1x Female to female 2p jumper wire


#Rain#Sensor #Module


Photoelectric sensor (photoelectric switch) NPN normally open

Model: E18-D50NK.

Photoelectric switch E18 technical parameters:

The output current DC / SCR / Relay Control output: 200mA/5V powered

The DC current consumption <30mA

Response time <2ms  

Point angle: ? 15 °, effective distance 3-80CM adjustable

Detection of objects: transparent or opaque body

The working environment temperature: -25 °C ~ 55 °C

The standard sensing object: sunlight 10000LX The following incandescent 3000LX  

Case Material: Plastic


Electrical characteristics:

Operating Voltage : 5VDC

Ampere : 200mA

Sensor range (adjustable) :3-80CM



1. Production line counting system

2. Maze robot

3. Smart home system

4. Security system


Package Includes: 1 x E18-D80NK Infrared Photoelectric Switch


#E18-D80NK #infrared #photoelectric #switch #diffuse #reflection #obstacle #avoidance #sensor #module



Receiver Model:MX-05V




Sensitivity: ¼?105DB

Antenna:32CM single core wire,heliciform shaped


Transmitter: Model:MX-FS-03V

Transmitter distance:20-200Meters(influenced the voltage)



Working mode:AM

Transmitter speed:4KB/S

Transmitter power:10mW


Attenna:25cm Single core wire or mutil-core wire  

Pin arrangement: left-right

Package Include: 1 * 433M Wireless Transmission Module


#433M #Super #Regeneration #Module #Wireless #Transmitter #Module #Burglar #Alarm #Transmitter #Receiver



BH1750FVI is a digital Ambient Light Sensor IC for I2 Cbus interface.

This IC is the suitable for obtaining the ambient light data for adjusting LCD and Keypad backlight power of Mobile phone.

It is possible to detect wide range at high resolution.



Direct digital output, bypassing the complex calculation, bypassing the calibration

Don't distinguish between ambient light

Close to the spectral characteristics of visual acuity

Widely used to 1-lux high precision measurement

Standard NXP IIC communication agreement



Chip: BH1750FVI

Power Supply: 3 - 5V

Light Range:0 - 65535 lx

Sensor Built-in: 16 bit AD converter

Size(L x W): Approx. 3.2cm x 1.5cm


Package Included: 1 * Arduino GY30 Digital Optical Light Intensity BH1750FVI Sensor


Tutorial Datasheet:


Tutorial 1 :


Tutorial 2:



#Arduino #Sensor #Light #GY-30 #BH1750FVI



WeMos D1 WiFi UNO Based ESP8266 shield For Arduino Development board Suitable for IoT Development and prototyping.

Can connect to WiFi for uploading or receiveing data from database. Arduino IDE compatible.

The functioning is similar to NODEMCU, except that hardware is built resembling Arduino Uno.

The D1 board can be configured to work on the Arduino environment.


#WeMos #D1 #R2 #ESP8266 #Board #Development