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0.36 inch Second line precision dc digital voltmeter head LED digital voltmeter DC4.5V-30V



Measuring range: DC4.50-30.0V

Power supply range: no need to supply power separately, directly use the measured voltage as the power supply, the scope is the same as above

High input: DC30.0V. Note: If the input voltage is higher than 30V, it may be damaged for a long time!

Allowable error: ±1%; error is ±0.3V when it is greater than or equal to 10V; error ±0.10 when it is less than 10V

Input impedance: > 100K ohms

Operating current: red < 23mA, green < 18mA, blue < 13mA

Refresh rate: about 300mS once

Display mode: three 0.36" LED digital tube

Display color: red, green, blue

Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 10 mm, length X width X thickness (without mounting ears);

With mounting ear length: 33mm

Mounting hole: hole distance: 28mm, aperture: 2.8mm

Net weight: 4.7g Gross weight: 5.3g

Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ 65 ° C

Package Includes: 1 * voltmeter


#0.36 #dc #digital #voltmeter #head #LED #DC4.5V-30V



OLED 1.3 inch is a monochrome graphic display module with a built-in 1.3 inch, 128X64 high-resolution display. OLED 1.3 inch is able to work despite the absence of backlight. In a dark environment, contrast of OLED display is higher than LCD display. This device is I^2C or SPI compatible. Due to its capability in displaying, it is often used in various application for instances, smart watch, MP3, function cellphone, portable health device and many others.



-Working Voltage: 3.3V (suggested)

-Compatible Interfaces: I^2C or SPI

-Low power consumption, 0.06W when working normally

-Working temperature: -30ᵒC to 70ᵒC


Package Include: 1* OLED Display 12864 LCD Module


#OLED #Display #12864 #LCD #Module


✔️Unleash the digital high-definition capabilities of your console / Blue Ray Player/Xbox 360 / PS3/4 / PC / DVD /HDTV

✔️Experience digital high definition of your video and audio all in one cable.

✔️Enjoy movies and games at up to 1080p resolution.

✔️Feel confident connecting your console to high-definition equipment with the quality you deserve One wire for both digital audio and video.

✔️Special design with incredible Durability: Premium Nylon Braided skin and Gold plated interface, long life

✔️Experience high-definition movies and games at up to full 1080p resolution.

✔️Plug and Play

✔️Easy To Carry - Small, Light Weight Convenient To Use


Prototyping and Testing. 

It is used to connect an electrical cable to a battery or some other component.

Color coded leads allow you to test circuits without crossing wires or causing shorts.

Can be used as low voltage jumper leads.


#Crocodile Clips  #Alligator Clip # Battery Clips #Medium Alligator Clips #Crocodile #Clip #Wire #Cable


- Input : HDMI Male

- Output : VGA Female; A VGA cable (sold separately) is required

- Supported Resolutions : 480i/480p/576i/576p/800x600/720i/720p/1280x1024/1600x1200/1080i/1080p

- HDCP Support : No

- Audio Support : No

- Plug and Play

- Total Length : 20cm


A popular choice for construction or repair.

Perfect for Arduino & electronic project.

Jumpers are made from 26 AWG wires.

Compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin header.

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#General Purpose #Rectifier allows current to flow in one direction, which is used in full wave rectification or half wave rectification, conversion from alternating current to direct current.



Chip: T5577

IC manufacturer: Atmel

Operation: Can Read & Write/Rewrite. Can Copy

Blank Card

Frequency: 125 Khz

Sensing Distance: 1 - 10 Cm

Size : Thin Card

Material: PVC

Appearance: Thin Card, Plain Elegant look White

Size: 86mm x 54mm x 0.8mm

Suitable for all 125 Khz system device.

Community Protocol: ISO 11784/11785


NOTE: This card suitable for read & Write. Can Copy



Controls the speed of a DC motor with this controller.

High efficiency, high torque and low heat generation.

With reverse polarity protection, high current protection.

Fine workmanship and good performance.

Stable and reliable.

Easy to use.

Long service life.



Brand new

Material: plastic, metal

Size: approx. 73*60*27mm

Operating Voltage: DC 40V 12V DC

Input voltage: DC9-50V

Control Power consumption: 0.01 400W

Static current: 0.02 A (Standby)

PWM Sampling rate: 0% -100%

PWM Frequency: 3 kHz


Package included: 1 x DC Motor Speed Controller


#12V~40V #10A #PWM #DC #Motor #Speed #Control #Switch #Controller #Volt #Regulator #Dimmer

  • High Quality: Tested under Strict Quality Control Standards. CE and ROHS Certified. Grade A cells 23A Ensure Longer Battery Life and Long Lasting Power
  • Get the Exact Fresh 23A Battery, Have Full 12 Volts Charge
  • Primarily Used in Garage Door Openers Remote Controls, Doorbells , Car Alarms Remote Controls , Burglar Alarms Remote Controls, Lighters , Keyless Entry Access Control Devices , Toys , and other Electronic Devices
  • If your Device Uses any of the Following Batteries, This is What You are Looking for : A23 12V Duracel MN21 , GP23AE , 21/23 , A23S, 23A , 23AE , V23GA , MN21B2PK , A23bpz , MN21 , GP23A ,LRV08 , L1028 , RVO8 , MS21 , E23A , K23A , 8LR932 , 8LR23 , VR22 , 8F10R , EL12 , 23GA

Size : 150mm / 6 inch
Accuracy : 0.1mm
Tolerance : 0.1mm+-

Free battery also will included.
Display : LCD , easy to read.
Can measure/display in MM / INCH format, can change with the button.
Auto power on function (push the ruler it will auto on).
Auto power off function (if not using in a long time).



Input voltage: DC 10V-32V.

Output voltage: DC12V-35V(adjustable).

Output current: 10A (MAX).

Input current :16A (MAX) (more than 10A please strengthen heatsink).

Output power: natural cooling 100W (MAX), strengthening cooling 150W (MAX) real power.

Conversion efficiency: 94% (when Input 19V 2.5A Output 16V, Reference).

Output ripple: 2% (MAX).

Working temperature: industrial (- 40℃~+85℃) ( environmental temperature, more than 40 degrees, please reduce power to use, or - enhance cooling).

Full-Load temperature: 45℃.

No-load current: 25mA typical.

Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%.

Load regulation: ± 0.5%.

Dynamic response speed: 200uS 5%.

Short circuit protection: No (Please installs the fuse or protection circuit at input parts).

Input Reverse protection: No (please comply with a reverse protection or connect a diode at input parts.)

Dimension: 65mm x 35mm x 23.5mm.

Package Include: 1 x 150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V Step Up Power Supply Module



DIY an adjustable on-board power supply, you just input DC 12V, then you can get output DC 12V-35V (adjustable), But the output voltage can not below the input voltage.

DIY a booster charger. Provide power for your electronic equipment.

Use Solar battery charging for electric accumulator.


#DIYMORE #150W #DC-DC #Boost #Converter #Step #Up #Charger #Power #Module


164pcs/328pcs Set Polyolefin Shrinking Assorted Heat Shrink Tube Wire Cable Insulated Sleeving Tubing Set .


Supplied Internal Diameter: 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm,6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 14.0mm

Color: Black,Red,Yellow,Blue,Green

Material: Polyolefin

Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1 (will maximum shrink to 1/2 its supplied diameter)

Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C

Minimum Shrinkage Temp: +70°C

Full Shrinkage Temp: +110°C

Maximum Tensile Strength: 10.4 Mpa

Dielectric Strength:15 kV/mm

Flammability: Flame Retardant

Approvals: UL Approved

#128Pcs #328Pcs #Assorted #Polyolefin #Heat #Shrink #Tubing #Tube #Cable #Sleeves #Wrap #Wire Set 8 Size #Multicolor for #Rc #Drone



Battery Holder Type: for 18650

Battery Connection: Series

Connection Type: With Wire / Hard Pin type / Soft pin type / DC plug)

Slot: 1 / 2 / 3 /4 slot

Voltage output: 3.7V (1 Slot), 7.4V (2 Slot), 11.1V (3 Slot), 14.8V (4 Slot)

Package Include: 1pcs 18650 battery case holder (without retail package)


**NOTE: The HARD PIN type may not fit into the breadboard holes and PCB Donut Board. For PCB Donut board you may need to drill the board to make the hole bigger.

For with HARD PIN type, there will have ( + , - ) indications. For the Soft pin has smaller pin size and can fit breadboard holes and PCB Donut board.


#18650 #BatteryHolder #DIY #PCB #Holder 



1PCS RJ45 RJ-45 Connectors Modular Plug.

Compatible with all the routers / hubs / network connections RJ45.

8 Pins Network Cable Heads / Plugs.

Gold plated leads for better data transmitting and higher signal strength.



Type:Ethernet Cables Head

Package: no

Quantity: 1pcs

Size: 24 * 13 * 10mm



Head: 8 Pins

Color: transparent

Application for: RJ45 CAT5 CAT5E

Weight: 1.5g(1pc)

Total Net Weight: Approx. 0.14g/pcs

Package includes: 1pc * Crystal Head